The War Against Fat Is Over

Hooray – the war is ended at last! Not many years ago most diets and weight loss regimes heavily promoted eliminating almost all fat from the diet. As a trained nutritionist I have always had huge concerns about people restricting … Read More

What is your killer weight loss question?

What is your killer weight loss question? That means what is the one question that if you answer truthfully, will give you the real reason why you have note yet lost the weight; or perhaps you have lost it in the past but … Read More

A goal or a penalty?

So here we are mid January and I am curious – are you sticking to your new years resolutions?  So much is made of the need to make a new start in the New Year, and as a metaphor it … Read More

If only you could see what you are doing…

When you put something in your mouth that you think tastes good, but you know is hurting you, how do you override that and still do it? Losing weight and stopping smoking both require the ability to delete certain truths, … Read More