Develop your business in the most rewarding way possible

If you are a coach, therapist or fitness instructor, and you would like to be able to inform and inspire your clients

to lose much more than just body weight, to look and feel lighter, then come along to one of my professional trainings and I will share with you some guiding principles and techniques, and you can develop your business in the most rewarding way possible.

Placebo Diet – Professional Training

Dates: January 14th and 15th
Cost: £397 / £347 (early bird price – book more than 4 weeks in advance)
Venue: London Crowne Plaza Kensington 100 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4ER

A 2-day specialised professional training course for coaches and therapists to enhance their skills when working with weight loss clients.

With so many clients and potential clients wanting to lose weight, give yourself an advantage by using the most cutting edge change-work tools and techniques. This unique workshop has been extensively researched and designed to bring you the very latest in the neurological research, and show you practical ways to apply it in ways that will inspire both you , and your clients.

We will cover a range of techniques and topics from a variety of modalities including:

PinkBulletNeuroplasticity – how the brain changes
PinkBulletHow habits are installed, and can be changed
PinkBulletThe power of influence
PinkBulletThe power of language, and how to use it
PinkBulletPractical techniques based in NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
PinkBulletGoal setting
PinkBulletPractical techniques for creating a workable strategy
PinkBulletHow to minimise or collapse self-sabotage
PinkBulletNutrition – the truth behind many diet myths
PinkBulletWhat your body really needs – and why

No prior weight loss coaching experience is necessary, however you will need to be practised in communication skills and have experience or training in delivering any other therapy, treatment or coaching modality.

At the end of the training you may be invited to become a Placebo Diet Coach where you can deliver an established programme with all materials provided, and become part of the Placebo Diet Community, with ongoing support and training. Or you may just wish to incorporate all you will learn into your own existing practice. Either way the training is inspirational and informative with many take home techniques.

Includes The Placebo Diet book and comprehensive training worksheets.

Book 4 weeks before the date for the early-bird price

Full Price – £397

Book this training AND the Nutrition Day (on Jan 29th)

Training and Nutrition Day £497