Change Your Body – from the inside out!

Guidance through the process of change.

If you would like to be personally guided through the process of change, then come along to a workshop with Janet and experience her dynamic informative and entertaining presentation style. Janet has the ability to take often complicated information and translate it into user friendly techniques and skills that can bring about lasting change. The topics range from Nutrition, to behavioural change-work, and she is equally qualified in each to personally guide you through a potentially life changing experience.

The workshops are suitable if:

  • You want to experience change on a personal level and apply the techniques and principles to your own life
  • You want to add to your existing professional skill set as a coach or therapists or are looking to venture into these areas within your existing career

Nutrition Day

Dates: January 29th – 9am to 5pm
Cost: £147 / £125 (early bird price – book more than 4 weeks in advance)
Venue: London Crowne Plaza Kensington 100 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4ER

One day that can transform your body and your health – plus Placebo Diet Book (or another of Janet’s books of your choice)
This is a totally unique practical and informative day that will demystify so many of the popular fads and misconceptions around food, and inspire you to give your body exactly what it needs to thrive. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, your body needs to be nourished. Janet has taken often complicated information and translated it into understandable take home messages that anyone can implement with her super simple colour code system. You will learn which nutrients all the main systems in your body needs:

PinkBulletEndocrine system – to balance hormones reduce cravings and help with mood
PinkBulletAdrenals – important for managing stress levels and for restful sleep
PinkBulletLiver – the most important digestive organ rarely even considered in most diets yet essential for balancing blood sugar and overall health
PinkBulletThe thyroid – essential for a healthy metabolism and for maintaining energy
PinkBulletBrain health – the nutrients required to make neurotransmitters and other “brain juice”
PinkBulletLifestyle and activity – your personal energy requirements for weight maintenance or weight loss
PinkBulletWhich exercise best maximises fat burning and increases muscle tone and bone density

All of the information is expertly put together in a super simple colour code system, and you will be guided through a practical coaching technique that can help you implement any changes you want to make. Also included The Placebo Diet book plus 2 audio MP3’s

PinkBulletHow Your Body Works
PinkBulletThe Colour Code System

Book 4 weeks before the date for the early-bird price

Book ‘Nutrition Day’

Book this day and the Motivation Matters day (January 7th) for the special price

Nutrition and Motivation Days £200

Motivation Matters

Dates: November 26th, January 7th – 9.30am to 5pm
Cost: £147 / £125 (early bird price – book more than 4 weeks in advance)
Venue: London Crowne Plaza Kensington 100 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4ER

If you have begun the process of change but feel you need a boost and you want to re-invigorate your intentions, then this day is a must.
Understanding how to enhance motivation so that change is easy, is an essential part of achieving any goal. Sometimes we start off with the best intentions but “stuff” gets in the way and we need to re-boot emotionally and or physically.

Most successful people in life have one thing in common, they never stop learning or doing the things that will help them get where they want to be. You can bet Richard Branson and others like him are still a work in progress, they didn’t just read one book, attend one talk or one course or seminar and then think they had all the information they needed for the rest of their life, they are always looking for new ways of thinking and keeping up to date with the very latest and best advice available. This is how we grow.

I am often asked after a retreat or workshop “what happens now?” and this is why I created the online programme, but I appreciate the value that an “in person” training day brings. Not just the revisiting of established techniques and learning new ones, but also the value of spending a day with like- minded people and using the energy of the group to inspire help and support each other.

In this workshop you will tap into the best techniques to collapse the negative self-talk and negative behaviours, and learn powerful techniques that can inspire and drive you forward so that change is fun – and inevitable!

You will learn:

PinkBulletHow to set goals that you are certain to achieve
PinkBulletHow to create a strategy that makes change inevitable
PinkBulletHow to stay inspired
PinkBulletHow to create your own techniques for change

Book 4 weeks before the date for the early-bird price

Book ‘Motivation Matters’

Get double value – book this day AND the Thought field Therapy Course (on Nov 27th)

TFT and Motivation Days £375

Book this day AND the Nutrition day (on Jan 8th) for the special price

Nutrition and Motivation Days £200

Placebo Diet – Professional Training

Dates: January 14th and 15th
Cost: £397 / £347 (early bird price – book more than 4 weeks in advance)
Venue: London Crowne Plaza Kensington 100 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4ER

A 2 day specialised professional training course for coaches and therapists to enhance their skills when working with weight loss clients.

With so many clients and potential clients wanting to lose weight, give yourself an advantage by using the most cutting edge change-work tools and techniques. This unique workshop has been extensively researched and designed to bring you the very latest in the neurological research, and show you practical ways to apply it in ways that will inspire both you , and your clients.

We will cover a range of techniques and topics from a variety of modalities including:

PinkBulletNeuroplasticity – how the brain changes
PinkBulletHow habits are installed, and can be changed
PinkBulletThe power of influence
PinkBulletThe power of language, and how to use it
PinkBulletPractical techniques based in NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
PinkBulletGoal setting
PinkBulletPractical techniques for creating a workable strategy
PinkBulletHow to minimise or collapse self-sabotage
PinkBulletNutrition – the truth behind many diet myths
PinkBulletWhat your body really needs – and why

No prior weight loss coaching experience is necessary, however you will need to be practised in communication skills and have experience or training in delivering any other therapy, treatment or coaching modality.

At the end of the training you may be invited to become a Placebo Diet Coach where you can deliver an established programme with all materials provided, and become part of the Placebo Diet Community, with ongoing support and training. Or you may just wish to incorporate all you will learn into your own existing practice. Either way the training is inspirational and informative with many take home techniques.

Includes The Placebo Diet book and comprehensive training worksheets.

Book 4 weeks before the date for the early-bird price

Book ‘Professional Training’

Book this training AND the Nutrition Day (on Jan 8th) for an additional £100

Training and Nutrition Days £497

Thought Field Therapy

Dates: November 27th 2016
Cost: £275
Venue: London Crowne Plaza Kensington 100 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4ER

TFT often known as “Tapping” is a simple, fast and effective therapy that can bring immediate relief from a range of negative emotions. With an astonishingly high success rate of 80-90% it can be used for self treatment and self help, or learned as a skill to be used on or with others.

The beauty of TFT (apart from how elegantly it works) is that it’s non invasive, and unlike many talking therapies does not require the individual to spend ages talking about the problem.

The process of tapping on specific meridian points (identified centuries ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also used for acupuncture and other treatments) releases or collapses negative emotions. Traumas or anxieties that may have been present for years or even decades, can often be eliminated in just one session. Sometimes even in minutes.

Click here for more information on the 1 day training.

Book 4 weeks before the date for the early-bird price

TFT £275
TFT and Nutrition £375